BetterLegal Review 2024 | Is BatterLegal Legit to form an LLC with? is home to hassle-free business formation. They claim to form your Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation with a painless user experience and the fastest turnaround. How true this claim is, In this BetterLegal review is going to dig out.

In this review, we will walk you through the positive aspects, downside, pricing, and features of BetterLegal that will help you decide whether you should choose BetterLegal or not. 

How Do We Review BetterLegal and other LLC Formation Services?

While choosing the best LLC services or Incorporation services, business owners must consider the following aspects of service providers;

  1. Company’s reputation
  2. Customer Support
  3. Pricing and Plans
  4. User experience on the company’s website
  5. Turn around time
  6. Key and value-added features
  7. Customers reviews

It is crucial to consider all the factors while entrusting your business formation responsibility to someone. At the end of the day, it is not just your money but also your business and credibility. One must choose a company that puts your business at the top of everything. 

Keeping all the points mentioned above, we scored BetterLegal 8.7/10 and included it among our top 8 online LLC formation services.

What is BetterLegal Special for?

BetterLegal is relatively new in the LLC formation services market, but this emerging company proves that quality and customer satisfaction matter more than your business age. 

Founded in 2016, BetterLegal has gained remarkable popularity and given cutthroat competition to ZenBusinessIncFile,Rocket Lawyer etc.

Here are what makes BetterLegal famous and one of the leading LLC formation services;

  • Speedy turnaround
  • Upfront pricing with almost no upsells
  • Fast and painless user experience

Pricing & Packages

An exciting feature of BetterLegal which makes it different from its competitors is that BetterLegal offers a single upfront package for complete LLC creation. For business owners who are looking for complete LLC services, this feature is desirable. However, if someone is looking for selective services, he/she may have a problem with the pricing.

A quick comparison with some renowned online LLC formation services

While we review pricing, we seriously consider hidden prices and upsells. It is a marketing tactic to attract customers with a low price and then confuse them with upsells or hidden fees or minimal features etc. At the end of the day, what you get at that price is what matters the most. 

Unlike IncfileInc Authority and many other LLC formation services, BetterLegal has no hidden charges, and you will see a single fee upfront from the start till the end.

Here are what you get in that package;

Articles of Organization or Incorporation: It is an official document that establishes your LLC or corporation with the state. You will get same-day filing, LLC registered in 2 business days and documents in your hand in 3 business days.

Employer Identification Number (EIN): IRS uses EIN to keep track of businesses. It is like your social security number, and you need this EIN to hire employees, or if your business tax model exempts you from federal tax or your LLC is multi-membered. You can visit the IRS website to apply and get an EIN by yourself.

Operating Agreement or Bylaws: These documents outline the role and ownership of LLC or corporation members. Many states require you to operate your business as per operating agreement or bylaws.

Banking Resolution: This document highlights members who can open a business account and perform other banking activities on behalf of a business. 

Website: With BetterLegal, you will get a domain and an essential website or “online store with inventory management services.” Later you can decide to upgrade to a paid website plan.

Tax Analysis: BetterLegal with the help of a third party, get your business’ tax situation analyzed.

Insurance Evaluation: BetterLegal got your business’s potential insurance needs evaluated and suggests you accordingly.

Additional Features and Services

Unfortunately, Better Legal does not add a few essential services into the plan. You have to pay separately for these features at a price given below;

Registered Agent Service ($10/month or $90 per annum)

Free Registered Agent service is one of the attractive features of many competitive LLC formation services, but with BetterLegal, you have to pay $10 every month. This is one of the drawbacks of BetterLegal. 

If you look carefully, you will see all the LLC formation services offer you a free registered agent only for the 1st year of incorporation. But, are you going to keep your business running only for 1 year?

After the free 1st year of registered agent services, you will have to pay $99/year with ZenBusiness, $119/year with Incfile, and $125/year to Northwest registered agent services. BetterLegal charges you $90 for a full year of registered agent services.

State Compliance Services ($10/month or $90 per annum)

Depending upon your business, the state or any other regulatory authority requires your business to comply with specific guidelines. For that, you have to file the correct paperwork at the right time. 

In case of delay or wrong filing, your business may be subjected to fines and extra fees. In the worst case, the state can terminate your entity.

BetterLegal LLC service charges you $10/month or $90/year for ongoing compliance service.

Permit and License Search ($125)

To find out about permits and licenses that your business needs, you can obtain a permit and license service from BetterLegal for just $125.

Where does BetterLegal Stand on our  in Our Standardized Review Criteria?

Company’s reputation – 4.3/5

Established in 2016, BetterLegal is relatively new in the market. Though you would not see decades of track record, thousands of happy customers and positive reviews in this short time suggest BetterLegal is an emerging leader in online LLC formation services.

Customer Support – 4.0/5

Unfortunately, BetterLegal does not give any contact number or email on the website. You can not contact customer services except online chat. The positive thing is the customer care support is available on online chat 24/7, and you can get in touch at any time.

Pricing and Plans – 4.3/5  

BetterLegal offers only 1 straightforward package at a very competitive price. In this comprehensive package, you will get almost everything you need to form an LLC or corporation. However, no free registered agent may be an issue for some customers.

User experience on the company’s website – 4.8/5 

Surprisingly, it just takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete your filing process with BetterLegal. No one in the market can match BetterLegal in this regard. You are not shown unnecessary ads or pay attention to unnecessary upsells during the registration process. 

Turn around time – 4.6/5  

This is also one of the most exciting features of BetterLegal, which is very hard to beat. BetterLegal files your case on the same day, gets your LLC formed in 2 business days, and you have your papers in your hands in 3 business days. 

Key and value-added features 4.3/5 

There is not a massive list of services that BetterLegal offers under value-added features. Registered agent, compliance services, and permit search are a few worth mentioning. BetterLegal offers limited add-on features because they have already included everything in the main package.

Customers reviews- 4.2/5

Trustpilot: It rates BetterLegal as excellent with 4.8/5 stars from 213 reviews.

BBB: It rates BetterLegal as A+ and gives 4.86/5 stars from 7 reviews.

Why is BetterLegal for you?

Here are some Pros of registering your LLC or incorporation with BetterLegal;

  • Excellent customer reviews and rating
  • Quick turnaround time
  • One-shot pricing with no upselling
  • Online resource center with helpful business insight

Why is BetterLegal not for you?

Here are some cons of filing your LLC or incorporation with BetterLegal;

  • No free registered agent service
  • Limited customer support options

BetterLegal Alternative

There are many options available in the market, and you will see many claiming themselves as the best LLC providers. However, we see the following fitting competitors of BetterLegal, which are stated below;

BetterLegal vs ZenBusiness 

BetterLegal is a relatively new LLC formation service provider with significant market worth. However, if you are short in budget and want a free registered agent while forming an LLC, ZenBusiness is the best alternative. 

BetterLegal vs LegalZoom

IncFile offers its startup package for free, which seems very exciting. But if you want assistance with Operating Agreement (as many states require your LLC to adopt one), you need to take a Gold package of IncFile, which costs you $149, while ZenBusiness provides an Operating Agreement template in their starter package for $49.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a fast turnaround and painless user experience with LLC formation services, consider BetterLegal. The whole purpose behind hiring professional LLC formation services is to make the procedural aspects of online LLC creation hassle-free, and BetterLegal serves this purpose very well.

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