Inc Authority Review 2024 | Expert Reviews on Pricing, Features & Everything You Need to Know

Inc Authority’s biggest claim to fame is that they form your Limited Liability Company (LLC) absolutely free. Inc Authority takes pride in forming thousands of LLCs and helped many new ventures in their establishment. You might have already been inclined to try Inc Authority and just taking a final look.

Well! With over 30 years of experience in the resume and offering free filing services is definitely something that anybody can attract to. But how good their services are? At the end of the day, entrepreneurs’ main concern is the hassle-free LLC formation service. 

In this comprehensive review, we analyzed every aspect of Inc Authority’s LLC formation services including pricing, features, pros and cons, customer reviews, Inc Authority’s alternatives, and more. Stay with us till the end so that you can reach your final decision to subscribing to Inc Authority easily.  

How Do We Review Inc Authority and other LLC Formation Services?

While choosing the best LLC services or best Incorporation services for your business, entrepreneurs must consider the following aspects of service providers;

  1. Company’s reputation
  2. Customer Support
  3. Pricing and Plans
  4. User experience on the company’s website
  5. Turn around time
  6. Key and value-added features
  7. Customers reviews

It is crucial to consider all the factors while entrusting your business formation responsibility to someone. At the end of the day, it is not just your money but also your business and credibility. One must choose a company that puts your business at the top of everything. 

Keeping all the points mentioned above, we scored Inc Authority 7.2/10 and rated it best overall among LegalZoomInc Authority, and the others.

What Inc Authority is Special for?

Inc Authority, established in 1989, is in the business for more than three decades and has helped 130,000 business owners worldwide in business formation and management.

What their customers find special in them and what makes Inc Authority stand out among others are;

  • No services charges to start an LLC
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Thousands of positive reviews on the Trustpilot
  • Economical add on services
  • Easy to use website
  • Responsive customer care

Pricing & Packages

Unlike many LLC formation companies out there, Inc Authority offers you 4 main packages; free, starter, executive, and tycoon. It is one of the two companies offering free LLC formation, but Inc Authority is offering much more in its $0 package than just filling services. Depending on your service requirements and budget, you can choose one of them. Here are all 3 paid packages at a glance;

Let’s talk about all 3 Inc Authority’s packages in detail.

Inc Authority Free Package – $0 + State Fee

It is incredible getting your LLC form free of cost while many LLC formation companies charge you from $50 to $100. Well, this is a very successful marketing strategy that has helped Inc Authority to attract many customers. 

In Inc Authority’s basic package, you will get

  • Standard Filing Service
  • Registered Agent
  • Business name search
  • S corporation tax election form
  • State and federal tax planning consultation
  • Inc care support
  • Business credit and funding analysis

Who Inc Authority’s Free Package is Best For?

Inc Authority’s free package attracts customers facing tight financial constraints. You just have to put a little extra time to draft your Operating Agreement and filing for an Employer Identification Number etc.

Inc Authority Starter Package – $399 + State Fee

Inc Authority’s starter package includes all the services featured in the free bundle. In addition to these services, you will get;

  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Record book and company seal
  • Employer Identification number
  • Ownership certificate
  • One year Inc success advisor

Who Inc Authority’s Starter Package is Best For?

Inc Authority’s starter package is suitable for business owners who also want additional paperwork such as an Operating Agreement and filing for an EIN etc, done by professionals. Moreover, this package is also very workable for entrepreneurs seeking ongoing legal and financial advice such as tax and accounting,  IRS notifications, business licenses, business funding, lawsuits, and business banking.

Inc Authority Executive Package – $499 + State Fee

In addition to the services included in the free and starter plan, the Inc Authority executive package also includes;

  • Website domain
  • Business license report

Who Inc Authority’s Executive Package is Best For?

For those business owners seeking license reports and want an online presence, this package works well for them. However, our experts do not recommend this package as similar services are offered by other LLC formation services at cheaper rates.

Inc Authority Tycoon Package – $799 + State Fee

This plan offers the fastest business incorporation, with more assistance in developing business credit.

Inc Authority’s Tycoon package offers you the following additional feature to the free, starter, and executive package;

  • Express processing
  • BizCredit express
  • Business Credit Coach
  • Business Credit LaunchPad
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration

Who Inc Authority’s Tycoon Package is Best For?

Inc Authority tycoon package works for those business owners who do not face any financial restriction and looking for extra features and want their LLC formed on a priority basis. However, our experts do not recommend this package, as these services are not necessary for every entrepreneur.

Key Features & Services

You might be thinking of signing out of their website after placing your $0 order. Well during the navigation from one step to another, you will be presented with different upsells. These add-ons are so tempting that you will end up adding some of the following into your cart;

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) for $49
  • Operating agreement  for $89
  • Express processing  for  $49
  • Legal documents package  for $99
  • Corporate bylaws for $89
  • INC success advisor for $27 per month or $197 per year 
  • Domain registration for $10

Where does Inc Authority Stand on Our Standardized 

Company’s reputation – 3.8/5

Inc Authority has established a good reputation during the last 32 years by serving more than 130,000 customers. However, the customer profile for such an old company is not that big as many newer companies have served customers in millions. 

Customer Support – 4.2/5

The customer support team is very helpful and responsive. If the representatives do not know the answer to your query, they transfer you to another representative who tries to help you as much as they can.

Pricing and Plans – 3.0/5  

The free package is a clever marketing strategy to attract customers. There is no transparency in the pricing. Moreover, you are presented with so many upsells and third-party offers. Hence, you end up paying a lot more than you have expected. Moreover, executive and tycoon plans are very expensive containing unnecessary features.

User experience on the company’s website – 3.1/5 

Due to upsells and third-party offers along the way of your registration process with Inc Authority, it takes more time than it should be. These upsell and offers often make customers confused and if someone chooses any of them, it definitely adds to the overall price. 

Turn around time – 4.2/5  

Inc Authority doe not display turnaround time with each package. Even while filling with them you are not told about the expected turnaround time. You got to know this just before checking out during registration. Even the express processing does not file your case with the state as expedite filing in which state priorities your case in exchange for an extra fee.

Key and value-added features 3.0/5 

The add ons that Inc Authority offers are important but the price is relatively on the upper end. These features are usually included in the basic packages of the competitors, or as a stand lone feature, they charge relatively less. 

Customers reviews- 4/5

Trustpilot: It rates Inc Authority excellent with 4.8/5 stars from 6590 reviews.

You will not fond Inc Authority reviews on other reputed third-party review forums such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Yelp.

Why is Inc Authority for you?

Here are some Pros of registering your LLC or incorporation with Inc Authority;

  • Free LLC formation
  • A free registered agent for one full year
  • Registered agent services are cheap ($99 only per year)
  • User-friendly website and easy checkout
  • Great range of add on services and customizable plans
  • Positive reviews

Why is Inc Authority not for you?

Here are some cons of filing your LLC or incorporation with Inc Authority;

  • Many upsells 
  • Premium plans are expensive
  • Fixed-price services are non-refundable

Inc Authority Alternative

There are many options available in the market, and you will see many claiming themselves as the best LLC providers. However, we see only two cutthroat competitors of Inc Authority, which are stated below;

Inc Authority vs ZenBusiness

For $49, Zenbusiness offers you the same services as Inc Authority’s free package. However, the customer support and reviews of ZenBusiness are much better than Inc Authority. Moreover, Zenbusiness does not offer many upsells. You think you will get your LLC filed in $0, but you may end up paying much more than ZenBusiness due to upsells. Moreover, for advanced features, Zenbusiness is less expensive compared to Inc Authority’s executive and tycoon packages.

Final Words

If you prefer experience over everything, then Inc Authority is the most experienced LLC formation service in the market. Serving its customers for more than 3 decades adds a lot of weightage to Inc Authority’s resume. In addition to that, it is offering LLC filing for free which hardly one can resist. If this attracts you as well, subscribe to the $0 package of advanced plans of Inc Authority now. 

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