Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom

Preparing paperwork and filing process has never been an easy task and minor mistakes could cost you both time and money. LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent are among the top choices in online LLC formation services available that save you from such hassles.

But which one to hire? This Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom comparison will surely help you decide.

LLC DIY is a great idea if you already have created one, or you are good at paperwork and the filing processes. But if you are not,  think of hiring someone else who could do it for you faster and without any error at a fraction of the cost.

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs. LegalZoom review, we compared the pricing, customer service, public feedback, quality of services, legitimacy, reputation, additional features, and more. So, let’s have a quick look.

RatingStartup PriceFamous ForRankingOfficial Website
Northwest Registered Agent4.25/5$225Supreme Privacy

How do We Compare the LLC Services?

Among hundreds of LLC formation services, we only included the 8 best in our list. Do you know why? Well, the answer is pretty simple. There is no doubt that most LLC services have at least something good which helps them sustain in the market. But, is that enough to rank them among the top service providers? We think no.

Our experts judge every LLC filing service strickly and evaluate the performance on pre-set criteria of 7 basic and most important qualities that every LLC should have. Let’s have a look at where these two stand in that criteria.

LegalZoom vs Northwest Registered Agent | An Overview

Sr #FeaturesNorthwest Registered AgentLegalZoom
1Company’s reputation4.5/54.4/5
2Registered Agent Service4.5/54.1
3Customer Support4.8/54.4/5
4Pricing and Plans3.5/53.5/5
5User experience on the company’s website4.5/54.6/5
6Turn around time4.5/53.5/5
7Key and value-added features4/54.1/5
8Customers reviews3.7/54.2/5

Detailed Side by Side Comparison

1. Company Reputation

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998. With the experience of two decades and dedicated efforts, it has served more than 150,000 customers so far. Having such a huge customer profile and experience in resume, Northwest Registered Agent has gained a good reputation in the market.


LegalZoom was established in 2001. Being in the business for two decades, the company has a huge customer profile. However, the customers are mostly legal service-related. In LLC and other business formation services, the company is a bit behind its competitors. 

2. Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest registered agent services are also free for the 1st year of incorporation with them. After that, they charge you $125 per year. If you need Registered Agent services for more than 4 states, interestingly they give you a discount and it cost you $100 per year.

Northwest as your Registered Agent scans your legal and state documents and 5 normal mails in a year. Moreover, they also send you instructions and reminders related to annual report compliance.


Well, this service is very expensive compared to LegalZoom’s competitors. If you incorporate your LLC with them, they do not offer a free registered agent in any of their package. They charge you $159 for this service.

If you subscribe separately, for $299 per year, LegalZoom offers registered agent services with email alerts about important tax and annual report deadlines, identity theft protection, email notification of important documents received on your behalf, and paperwork and fee coverage in case you change your registered agent’s name or address.

3. Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent

Premium customer support is the biggest strength of Northwest Registered Agent. They offer 24/7 customer service and the team answers your queries in a reasonable time. Support representatives are available on a phone call and email and try their best to address your issues. Their knowledgeable team has answers to any problem related to LLC formation.


Luckily, customer support services are the biggest pro of LegalZoom. They offer 24/7 customer care even on the weekends. They are much confident in their customer care representatives and offer one-to-one support to their customers. 

However, where many companies offer lifetime customer support to their customers in their basic package, LegalZoom only offers this privilege to its express gold customers only. Moreover, due to the large customer profile, sometimes you are put on the hold for very long. 

4. Pricing and Plans

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent’s pricing is on a higher end. It basically offers only one plan which is not affordable for entrepreneurs running short on budget. Moreover, the features offered in the plan are charged more than many reputed companies are offering.


LegalZoom offers 3 packages at a very high price. Even the very basic feature, the registered agent service, is missing all 3 plans. The services included in plans are not worth it such as branded business folders, or seals, etc. Instead, they could offer website and domain, compliance services, annual fillings, etc.

5. User experience on the company’s website

Northwest Registered Agent

Like ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent also offers only a few add-ons before checking out. They do not show you third-party offers that need data sharing which makes Northwest Registered Agent less annoying. However, the website is not easy to use compared to its competitors which makes the registration process a bit longer.


You will encounter a few upsells from third-party partners along the way of your registration process with Northwest Registered Agent. This will make your registration process on their website a bit longer. Setting up a business bank account with Bank of America and building a business website with SnapWeb are some prominent third-party offers on Northwest Registered Agent’s website. These upsell often make customers confused and if someone chooses any of them, it definitely adds to the overall price.

6. Turn around time

Northwest Registered Agent

The same-day order processing and 2-day filling time is an exciting feature offered by Northwest Registered Agent. However, a 2-day filing time costs you more compared to the regular filing. Hence, this fast turnaround is pricier than ZenBusiness.


Northwest Registered Agent promises to process your order the next business day and you usually can expect your business formed within 14 days. However, a few customers were dissatisfied and said it took more time than the Northwest Registered Agent promised and they faced difficulty in getting the updates.

7. Key and value-added features

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent offers relatively fewer features and most of them are a bit expensive from a price point of view. With only one package and a few add-ons is not suitable for every entrepreneur. If you subscribe with Northwest Registered Agent and need additional services which Northwest does not offer such as website, official email, compliance services, you need to hire someone else. This would be difficult for you to manage multiple and deal with multiple service providers.


The services included in the 3 packages and value-added features are incredible. Northwest Registered Agent covers everything that you may need to form and run the business in a state-compliant manner. However, standalone features cost you more which goes to an expensive side.

8. Customers Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent

With more than two decades in business and only a handful of reviews on reputed third-party review websites, this is what makes business owners uncomfortable while incorporating with Northwest Registered Agent. Trustpilot rates Northwest Registered Agent as excellent with 3.3/5 stars from 3 reviews. It is quite strange for such an old company to have almost no reviews. BBB gives Northwest Registered Agent 4.29/5 stars from 75 reviews.


With more than two decades in business and only a handful of reviews on reputed third-party review websites, this is what makes business owners uncomfortable while incorporating with LegalZoom. Trustpilot rates LegalZoom as excellent with 4.2/5 stars from 867 reviews. It is quite strange for such an old company to have almost no reviews. BBB gives LegalZoom 4.29/5 stars from 2748 reviews.

A Quick Comparison of Basic Plans

ServicesNorthwest Registered AgentLegalZoom
Price$225 + State Fee$79 + State Fee
Turnaround Time2-3 business days30 business days
Registered AgentFree for the 1st year, $125 per year afterwardNo free registered agent, $159 per year 
Operating Agreement TemplateIncludedNo ($99 extra)
UpsellsNo7 upsells for $1688
Business name availability searchYesYes
Additional ResourcesCorporate Guides®No

Bottom Line

Every business owner has their personalized needs and requirements while they are looking for LLC filing services. Depending on your preference and customized needs;

Choose Northwest Registered Agent 

If you want premium customer support, the track record is your priority, and do not prefer data sharing with other companies, Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent choice. 

Choose LegalZoom

If you want ongoing support and an established brand is your priority, LegalZoom is a decent choice. However, get ready to pay extra for many essential features and be patient as your order processing will take time with LegalZoom as compared to ZenBusiness.

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