Rocket Lawyer Review 2024 (Is Rocket Lawyer a Legit LLC Service?)

Rocket Lawyer Review: Getting affordable legal services while filing your Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation is almost impossible. You have to put a reasonable budget aside for reliable legal advice while forming a new business. Rocket Lawyer, however, claims to provide the most affordable legal services while you form your business with them. 

Are they true in this claim or is it just a marketing strategy? We are going to know in this Rocket Lawyer review 2021. We will dig deep into why an industry or small businesses should incorporate with Rocket Lawyer, or is rocket lawyer legit in terms of pricing, experience, and more. Let us find out. 

How Do We Review Rocket Lawyer and other LLC Formation Services?

While choosing the best LLC services or Incorporation services, business owners must consider the following aspects of service providers;

  1. Company’s reputation
  2. Customer Support
  3. Pricing and Plans
  4. User experience on the company’s website
  5. Turn around time
  6. Key and value-added features
  7. Customers reviews

It is crucial to consider all the factors while entrusting your business formation responsibility to someone. At the end of the day, it is not just your money but also your business and credibility. One must choose a company that puts your business at the top of everything. 

Keeping all the points mentioned above, we scored Rocket Lawyer 8.4/10 and included it among our top 8 online LLC formation services.

What Rocket Lawyer is Special for?

Rocket Lawyer, established in 2008, has helped more than 20 million customers in LLC, incorporation, and nonprofit formation. Having such a huge customer profile reflects their experience and knowledge in the field. 

Here are what makes Rocket Lawyer famous and one of the leading LLC formation services;

  • Create customized legal support; documents and contracts
  • Have your contracts and documents reviewed by experts
  • Legal advice sessions with a lawyer on a phone call

Pricing & Packages

Rocket Lawyer offers a 7-day free trial to its customers, which shows how confident they are in their services. After the free trial, you can be a premium member by paying $39.99 per month and enjoy many exciting features that include both LLC formation and legal assistance. Here is what Rocket Lawyer offers;

ServicesRocket Lawyer Premium MembersRocket Lawyer Non-member
Create custom legal forms
Easy-to-create, reliable documents for hundreds of purposes
Sign online in seconds
Share, download and print anytime
Free$39.99 per document
30-minute phone session with a lawyerFree$59.99 per consultation
Online Q&A with a lawyerFree$49.99 per question
Document defense for Rocket Lawyer documentsFree$9.99 per document
Discount when you hire a Rocket Lawyer attorneyUp to 40% off attorney’s normal rateUnavailable
Form an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit$0+state fee$99.99 +state filing fees
Registered agent service25% off$149.99 per year

Although you can discontinue their membership anytime still, the pricing seems to be higher, especially for the people who do not need ongoing legal; assistance. ZenBusiness, for example, offers LLC formation services, a free registered agent, an Operating Agreement template and more for just $49. On the other hand, if you are not a Rocket Lawyer’s premium member, you have to pay $99.99, and it does not include a free registered agent. 

Features and Services

Following are the services you could expect being a premium member or paying one time;

Non-Member ($99.99)

Following are the services that you will get after filing your LLC with Rocket Lawyer;

  • Preparation and Filing Articles of Organization: These are official documents submitted to your state to register your new company. Rocket Lawyer drafts these documents and files them with the state.
  • Check Business Name Availability: Rocket Lawyer searches the business database of the state of your LLC formation to see if your desired business name is available or it has already taken by another company.
  • Online Data Storage: The Rocket Lawyer’s online platform enables you to access electronic copies of your filed formation papers at any time using.
  • Hard Copies: In addition to the electronic version, Rocket Lawyer also mails you hard copies of your articles of organization.
  • Phone and Email Support: Rocket Lawyer customer support is available 24/7; you can pick up the phone and contact their support representatives whenever you need their assistance.

Member ($39.99 per month)

Rocket Lawyer is basically a legal service provider, and LLC formation is one of their additional features. In terms of LLC formation, there is no difference in the features that members and non-members get. However, members get huge discounts and favours when it comes to any legal assistance. Here are some perks of being a premium member of Rocket Lawyer;

  • Document Defense: Rocket Lawyer helps you create a wide variety of business documents quickly. You can sign, download, share, and print these whenever you want. With every document, you’ll also receive an attorney review called document defense.
  • Q & A with Lawyer: You can ask your legal questions from expert lawyers.
  • Consultation on New Legal Matters: You will get 30 minutes of consultation on every new legal issue.
  • Discounts on Attorney Services:  Up to 40% discount on normal attorney rate.
  • 25% Off on Registered Agent Service: Non-members get Registered Agent services for $149.99 per year, whereas members get 25% off on these services.
  • 25% Off Future Incorporation Filings: Your 1st LLC/ Incorporation filing will be free, and for any future filing, you will get a 25% discount.

Where does Rocket Lawyer Stand on our  in Our Standardized Review Criteria?

Company’s reputation – 4.5/5

Established in 2008, Rocket Lawyer has served more than 20 million customers. Such a huge customer profile speaks for the company’s reputation and customers’ confidence in their services.

Customer Support – 4.7/5

Rocket lawyer makes sure you get 24/7 customer service, and you can get in touch at any time, whenever you need their help. They provide you with phone and email support and try their best to resolve your issues.

Pricing and Plans – 3.6/5  

Rocket Lawyer’s pricing is on the higher end. If you are looking for basic features, you will get all those with ZenBusiness at $50 less than that of Rocket Lawyer.

User experience on the company’s website – 4.5/5 

With Rocket Lawyer, you have a relatively better experience while placing your order through their website. You will have to go through relatively few add ons before checking out.

Turn around time – 4.3/5  

Your order could take from a few days to many weeks to complete. It depends on how you choose to form your LLC and which pricing you pick. However, if you need your filing complete super fast, Rocket Lawyer offers an expedited option.

Key and value-added features 3.8/5 

Although you can get various features with Rocket Lawyer, from a price point of view, all are a bit expensive. Moreover, their value-added features are more legal oriented than small business filing.

Customers reviews- 4.2/5

Trustpilot: It rates Rocket Lawyer as excellent with 4.6/5 stars from 3,406 reviews.

BBB: It rates BetterLegal as A+ and gives 4.4/5 stars from 83 reviews.

Why is Rocket Lawyer for you?

Here are some Pros of registering your LLC or incorporation with Rocket Lawyer;

  • Free consultation with a legal advisor
  • Customer services available 24/7 throughout the week
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • No outsourcing for legal advice, direct dealing with an attorney
  • Value-added services available
  • Money-back guarantee

Why is Rocket Lawyer not for you?

Here are some cons of filing your LLC or incorporation with Rocket Lawyer;

  • Price is a bit higher than the competitors
  • Slow turnaround time

Rocket Lawyer Alternative

There are many options available in the market, and you will see many claiming themselves as the best LLC providers. However, we see the following fitting competitors of BetterLegal, which are stated below;

Rocket Lawyer vs ZenBusiness 

Rocket Lawyer is relatively expensive if you require basic LLC formation services only. Hence, if you are short in budget and want a free registered agent while forming an LLC ZenBusiness is the best alternative. 

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom

Rocket Lawyer charges $39.99 per month, LegalZoom charges $31.25 per month (for the annual plan). So, LegalZoom has got a plus in terms of price point. However, If you need business formation advice or looking for online attorney help, Rocket Lawyer is better than LegalZoom. Moreover, Rocket Lawyer offers fewer upsells than LegalZoom.

Concluding Remarks

If you are looking for legal services beyond LLC formation, Rocket Lawyer is for you. It is a legal tech company specialized in forming small businesses with affordable legal services. Rocket Lawyer provides its customers with ongoing legal counsel, and it connects them with attorneys.

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